My Bintan adventure

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I travelled to a delightful island called Bintan in Indonesia. Bintan is terribly charming in its own way, we shared our room with some friendly bugs and lizards, the air conditioner leaked and there was little to no wifi but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. The simplicity of the island and their resorts is what makes it so endearing.


At night we left our curtains open and we were awoken by the sun rising and it was magical. Living on the west coast I am very lucky to see amazing sunsets over the ocean, but there is something spectacular about a sun rising over the ocean.



We walked, ate, read and relaxed a bit more and it was a great couple of days that I wanted to share some photos with you all 🙂



Love, Jasmine.

The Dress Happy Experiment

When it comes to our emotions, we can quite literally “fake it till we make it”, just through faking a smile or acting happy our bodies will begin to engage positive emotions, and will result in you feeling happier. With this thought, why couldn’t making a concious effort in other areas, say ones clothing, also make you feel happier? Can clothing impact and represent our mood? Can we “dress happy”?

A couple of weeks ago the gorgeous Emily from Cringing contacted me with an idea, and together we tweaked it to come up with an idea to carry out an experiment. This experiment was to discuss our clothing, and how and if it represented or encouraged different emotions (go and check her blog out here to see her experiment on dressing courageously!). Of course I thought it was a fantastic idea and I was super excited to collaborate because clothing for me, and I think for most people is an expression of mood and emotion. In the same way that when I am happy I wear a big smile, the lovely red sundress that I am wearing is not only bright itself, it also makes me feel happier and brighter when I am wearing it.


Everything about this dress makes me feel happy when I wear it, from the vintage style of it, to the lovely bright red colour and that this dress actually has fully functioning pockets! When I wear this dress my lip balm is at constant easy access and that is something that I really appreciate in a dress, moisturized lips truly are essential to my happiness! 😉


Today when I put on this dress I knew I was going to have a great day, was it because of the dress? or was it because I had plans to wander around in the sunshine with great company? Most likely it was a bit of both. But I feel that if I needed to feel happier pulling this dress on and applying some lipstick and perfume would be sure to do the trick. This “dress happy” idea may all be a fluke, but what have you got to lose? If you wake up in the morning and you feel down, put on your favorite outfit, spritz your favorite perfume and walk out into the world, with a big smile on your face, confident that you will feel great.



Love, Jasmine.

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!

Whenever I wear anything that is in a blue gingham pattern, I instantly feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I think is has to do with the numerous book weeks at school over the years. Book week for those who didn’t have it was a library activity at my primary school where, for one day we were allowed to dress up as our favourite  character from a book, so essentially it was the best school day all year. I think that every girl in school dressed up as Dorothy at least once, and since not every parent is going to want to spend money on a costume every year, anything in a blue gingham print was considered good enough for a Dorothy costume. Dads button up work shirt in a blue gingham print, tucked into a skirt and a straw basket with red shoes, Ta Da! You had yourself a Dorothy costume.



Wearing this darling blue gingham crop top, paired with my own version of Dorothy’s ruby slippers (my sparkly golden flats from Forever New) I feel as though I have landed in Oz and should be skipping down a yellow brick road, with my arms linked with a tin man, scare crow and lion with my little dog in tow.


Love, Jasmine.

The Enchanted Woods

There is something incredibly enchanting about the world when it begins its transition into a new season, there is an overall sense that change is quite literally in the air and often, I find myself waiting in anticipation for the season that is to come.

The promise of Autumn is one that is so very enticing, the leaves change colour and begin to scatter the footpath, creating the ever fun activity of crunching them as we walk, our days remain bright and warm but the nights begin to get longer and cooler, giving us a welcome taste of what is to come.



We had our first taste of Autumn this week and I relished every moment of it, the first sign of a drop in temperature below 30 degrees and I was pulling on my boots, and these darling polka dot tights 🙂



Love, Jasmine.



Wouldn’t living inside of a cartoon be the greatest? It would always be blue skies and good hair days.

Two creative women in Taiwan wished they could bring their illustrations to life, so they created a line of bags called ‘Jump from Paper’, these bags literally looked like bags that have jumped from the pages of a cartoon.


I am absolutely smitten with this bag, is it not one of the cutest bags you have ever seen?


If you had to imagine a character from a cartoon that would use this delightful bag, would you not agree that it would be a ladybug? Because of the colours used and the polka dots covering the bag, as soon as I saw this bag I just pictured it being the perfect accessory to Lacey, a terribly sassy lady bug who needs somewhere cute to store her red lipstick.


Love, Jasmine.

Dance among the Daisies

As a little girl I always wanted to learn Ballet, I think the motivation behind this was because of the beautiful wrap tops, tutu’s and the cute shoes. However instead of enrolling me into Ballet my mum took me and my sister and enrolled us into Jazz tap, which I was absolutely thrilled for until the time came to get ready to leave, instead of the cute dancing outfit that I was expecting to wear, Mum dressed me in tracksuit pants and a plain t-shirt, to say that I was unimpressed with my attire that day is an understatement. This dissatisfaction quickly vanished when we arrived however, as I learnt that I got my very own pair of very noisy tap shoes so that I could practice at home, it was then my Mum’s turn to be unimpressed.. needless to say the tap dancing didn’t last very long.

I was reminded of my childhood dream to dress like a ballerina when I was walking past a store that displayed the most adorable pair of pastel pink ballet slippers, I desperately wanted to buy them but since I am not a ballerina, nor will I be becoming one any time soon it seemed an unnecessary purchase. However, it did get me thinking, I don’t have to be a ballerina to dress like one,  I can make my own pair of ballet flats and feel like a ballerina everyday.


What you will need to make your very own pair:

– A pair of ballet flats ( I bought a cheap pair from Target)
– 4 pieces of equal length ribbon
– Super Glue
– Optional: Press studs / Velcro


1. Sew press studs or Velcro to the ends of the ribbon, this is how you will tie them together. This step is optional because depending on your preference you can just tie the ribbons into a bow at the back 🙂

2. Super glue the ribbon to the inside of the shoe (I marked a point 10cm from the heel of the shoe on each side)

3. Once the glue is dry, tie up your new ballet flats, you are done and ready to dance among the daisies!



Love, Jasmine.

Wish upon a dandelion

We all makes wishes in many different ways, some of us wish upon the first star in the night sky, a coin dropped into a wishing well, and others, wish upon dandelions.


If you don’t know about wishing upon a dandelion, then I will let you in on a secret. Inside the seeds of dandelion’s are trapped fairies. To free the fairy you must hold the dandelion very carefully and think hard about what you are wishing for, with one big breath blow, making sure every last fairy is released. Watch as all of the fairies fly free carrying with them your wish. But don’t forget the most important part, you must never tell anyone your wish, otherwise it won’t come true 😉


If there was something else that you used to make a wish when you were younger or if you also used to search the ground for dandelions, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Love, Jasmine.